A new day will surely dawn

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I’ve been a lone traveler for as long as I can remember. Fighting lone battles, talking to myself that made people think I was crazy. I was a drunk for so many years, folks like me were called edicts. The world didn’t think we could change; I mean why would they? I was an outcast. I stop believing, dreaming, or maintained any form of dignity. I gave up waking up each day, hoped that one day I would stop living, stop breathing.

But one day, my life transformed. I started living like I never used to. I laughed every day, sang every day and had a strong sense of belonging. I began to have a different perspective of my life all together. It was as if a new day had dawned for me. My life is so much brighter now with her by my side. Her love, care and support has rebuilt my life.

Don’t give up yet. Just like the break of dawn, destiny will surely catch up with you and transform you.

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20 thoughts on “A new day will surely dawn

  1. Very thought-provoking and encouraging. Thank you for this really positive take on the prompt.


  2. Good luck for a hopeful tomorrow. Good one!


  3. A nice hopeful message.


  4. That last sentence wow! So much truth in that.


  5. Wonderful story Carol! I love how love transformed him into a better man that changed his life. Welcome to the FFfAW challenge! We are happy you have joined us!


    1. Thank you PJ.. Love conquers all


      1. Yes, so true Carol!


  6. just like the rays of down your story ushers a very strong positive approach. was the transformation sudden or a step-by-step process after her entry ?



    1. Transformations are always step-by-step. It also requires time, patience, dedication and perseverance. And with love, you have nothing to lose.


  7. “You are my density…I mean, my destiny.”

    Sorry. The first “Back to the Future” movie popped into my head.


  8. I think it is so important to feel that sense of belonging….it does give you a reason to keep on doing what you need to do to stay alive and live….


  9. Full of hope and strength…great perspective!


  10. A feeling of belonginess. ISN’T THAT WHAT ALL LIFE IS ABOUT?
    What an uplifting story, Carol.


  11. It was very inspiring. I loved it.


  12. very inspiring story


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