Grow faith Grow courage Grow ambition Grow motivation Grow faithfulness Grow gratefulness Grow in the storm Grow in the rain Grow in the heat Grow in the flood Grow, grow, grow!  



Violence talks about Bruises on her body Her cut, blood stained lips Scars healed, now visible Her multiple miscarriages Suicidal experiences Broken bones and stitched muscles Thousand tears, sleepless nights   Violence does good to no one You’re left feeling rejected Your mind haunted as the event plays over and over Bringing to a place … Continue reading Violence

I am PNG

I am PNG The red, black and gold Red, the color of my heart Bloodshed, feasts and reconciliation Black, the dark times I’ve endured Greed, corruption and criticism Gold, the smile on my face My beauty, wealth and glory   I am PNG Mother of 800 tribes and cultural heritage Queen of the pacific, pride … Continue reading I am PNG

Never give up

Even if the world around you is falling, fading, drifting or exploding Never give up Keep telling yourself it will be alright Keep your chin high don’t be afraid Wear a smile always, it’s better than a frown Never, ever give up on yourself     Stop whining, crying and fighting If things don’t turn … Continue reading Never give up