Allow time to take charge

    Time is the healer Time is the teacher Be patient with time Pay attention to what it tells you Time will not betray you Time does not use force you Or fakes your identity Listen, time speaks the truth Follow, it leads to the right path Let time guide you Save your peace … Continue reading Allow time to take charge


What doesn’t kill makes me stronger

  Break my heart Break my bone You will not break my soul Steal my lover Steal my money You will never steal my happiness Each time you attack me with your words I rise even stronger than before    


  Dance in the rain Dance in the sun Dance under the moonlight Dance while the stars shine Dance while you're young Dance while you can Dance in the pain Dance in the misery Dance it all Dance to let go Dance and smile Dance, be happy Dance and do not stop And when you're … Continue reading Dance

WordPress Meet-UP #2

Raqi Raccoon

communication Let’s Connect! Meet and Greet

Welcome to our 2nd WordPress Meet-Up.

I’m hoping to create a casual common ground; where we can
meet and share connections, and maybe more.

I will keep doing this from time to time,
and these will offer an awesome opportunity for
bloggers who are quite active on WordPress” to connect.
If you’re interested in “meeting up” with new bloggers
or just meeting new people.

Here’s your chance to connect with them.

For all bloggers; I encourage you to use this as a place to “Promote Your Blog“. Whether you have a fashion, food, photography, nature, poetry blog, or a video, eBook blog. Or you might just want to post the cover of your book and link. This is the place!

Below in the Comment Section:

  1. Leave your name. Mine is Linda J. Wolff! What’s yours!
  2. Leave your Full Blog…

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  Dream It becomes real Dream Life is too short Dream You are limitless Dream It gives you a reason to believe Dream Your efforts become worthwhile Dream Imagination is a beau-t-i-f-u-l place to visit Dream In it you find greatness Dream Be who you want to be Dream Courage feeds on it Dream It … Continue reading Dream


  Staring out the glass window Admiring the pacific monster, sleeping Snoring away as the wind blows Whatever lies beneath it is a mystery It must be so beautiful down there The breeze settles calmly on my face This is peace I feel Under the comfort of my shelter The place I call home The … Continue reading Home