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I was once a village kid. Growing up in thick jungle. I had no idea what a plane looked like, what it felt like to get on a car or how amazing a high – raised building was.

I was so young when we moved to remote Musa in Oro Province. It was a beautiful place. Fresh river flowing down the mountains, green valleys where the wallabies had plenty to feast on and it all seemed like paradise. But I missed the loud noise of the city. The honking of  the car horns, machines grinding at the factory, the busy streets and most importantly, going to school.

I had an old magazine that I kept under my bed so each day, I would pull it out and dance through its pages. Drowning myself in the colors, pictures and stories. These stories I read over and over, I would recite them to myself as night in the dark.

A boy and a girl fight over a book

The only book they have at home 

The only book to read in school

A page is torn , the other wet

The ink has faded, its so hard to read it 

But that is the only book they have 

So they read as they fight

Night time approaches and they are not done reading 

The girl is heart broken 

She has not even started

Gathers a bamboo, lights it up to read

To finish the book before sunrise

Before the boy awakes 

Before the battle begins 


Please donate a book today that can go a long way.

You can send me an email on comment on this post to make a donation.


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