Life my teacher

“No Matter How Much Someone Has Hurt You Or Betrayed You Or How Much It Seems That Someone Is Evil, At Their Core, Everyone Is Worth Saving.” – Smallville Growing up, I found it very difficult to truly hate people. In a lot of ways, I think it’s because I see hate as selfish. I’ve…… via … Continue reading Life my teacher


[Poetry] Storm Clouds — Jade M.Wong

Rain—pitter patter— On my window soothes my soul, Thunder—boom ba boom— Returning what the world stole, In the storm clouds of his eyes. © Jade M. Wong 2017 via [Poetry] Storm Clouds — Jade M.Wong Thanks Jade for helping me retrieving my poem on raindrops some years back. Raindrops Pitta-Peta Pita-Peta One drop double Two drops … Continue reading [Poetry] Storm Clouds — Jade M.Wong


  Dance in the rain Dance in the sun Dance under the moonlight Dance while the stars shine Dance while you're young Dance while you can Dance in the pain Dance in the misery Dance it all Dance to let go Dance and smile Dance, be happy Dance and do not stop And when you're … Continue reading Dance


  Dream It becomes real Dream Life is too short Dream You are limitless Dream It gives you a reason to believe Dream Your efforts become worthwhile Dream Imagination is a beau-t-i-f-u-l place to visit Dream In it you find greatness Dream Be who you want to be Dream Courage feeds on it Dream It … Continue reading Dream


  Staring out the glass window Admiring the pacific monster, sleeping Snoring away as the wind blows Whatever lies beneath it is a mystery It must be so beautiful down there The breeze settles calmly on my face This is peace I feel Under the comfort of my shelter The place I call home The … Continue reading Home