Nanu Sina: My Words



60229950_2165136740271646_63494142214275072_nNanu Sina is made up poems. Most of the poems were written down in my grade 11 – 12 school journal way back in 2008-2009 while I was a student at Marianville Secondary School, an all girls school in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

Although I loved writing, I never had any idea about keeping a journal until our Language and Literature teacher Mrs. Abbady introduced it.

She’d give a theme to work on every week which was specifically for creative writing and we were expected to write the other entries ourselves based on our own topics. I found poetry very suiting so I’d would write at least on poetry entry, one creative piece and a short essay. This was her way of preparing us for theĀ  Written Expression National Exam. She was a tough woman, the journals were supposed to be handed over at 8am on Mondays and if you are late, your journals are rejected. She rejected my journal one time and it devastated me – because getting my work critiqued and writing itself was a big deal to me. I went to the ladies toilet, hid in there and cried my heart out. I felt so depressed. I could not stand the fact the my journal was not going to be reviewed so I went over to my grade 9-10 English Teacher Mrs. Asi who without hesitant agreed to review my work. Her review was amazing! She had smiley faces on every page with so many encouraging and positive words. That was he day, I told myself to not miss that journal due date.

And today, I have an even greater achievement.

Nanu Sina simply means “my words” in my Musa language.

Nanu means my or mine and Sina means words.

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