Get behind or be in line

We rush everyday

We rush to work

We rush to school

We rush to the market

We rush to the shopping mall

We rush to get on the bush

We rush to get on the train

Time waits for no one

You delay a task, you are behind time

You get left behind or rush to be in line

A flower must bloom in its season

The sun, the moon, and the stars appear on time

Even the birds know when to wake up, and when to go to sleep

But sometime, just sometimes I wonder

Do they rush too?

Do they even feel the urgency we feel?

Due days before us

Appointments that cannot be missed

Or maybe a flight, a train, a bus

I am awake in my sleep, I cannot sleep

I cannot be late for my training tomorrow

My alarm beeps, it’s 5am

It’s time to get up! I will not rush today



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Categories Poetry, Thoughts

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