Give with all your heart

I got a message from a brother of mine asking me to help him with K10.00 for his PMV fare to attend his missionary launch. I was at work and about to go for a training. I felt a bit frustrated. I kept asking myself questions, “why is he asking me for money?” ,”why is he disturbing me at work?”, “why should I helped when he never help me when I had nothing?” I was troubled. I was hesitant to respond to his text message. I regretted getting his number  at the first place. I was at a road-block.

I took a deep breath, calmed my thoughts and told myself to focus. I then realized that after reviewing my questions that I was actually ‘COMPLAINING’. What good do I get out of complaining? NONE.

Then my thoughts redirected me to this post I read on facebook a week ago.


I brushed all my negative thoughts aside. My memory then brought me to a point in my life where I had absolutely nothing. No job. No food. No money in my account and no form of support. Every emotional and psychological trauma that I had been through re-emerged. I picked up my phone and replied, “send me your account number”. He asked for a K10.00 but I sent him K50.00 instead. I gave the money with all my heart and for some of this reasons:

  1. The job and the money I have are a gift and blessing from God. Its meant to be shared
  2. The more you give – and with all your heart – the more you receive.
  3. You live once in this world, try to impact someone’s life while you are alive

If you have food on your table, a kina or dollar in your account, a roof above your head, a job, a family, an healthy body and clothes to wear, you have no excuse to complain. You are blessed beyond measure.

Give to the last, give with all your heart and you will receive more in return, multiplied beyond what you can imagine.

2 thoughts on “Give with all your heart

  1. The best gift is to bless another soul wholeheartedly. Thank you!


    1. Yes. The more you give, the more you receive.


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