Embrace the rain

I never liked rain, especially on a weekday where I would have to walk in the rain to go to work. One time, I slipped and fell. The other time, I had to take off my shoes and just walk barefoot! Imagining the mud on the tracks leading to the bus stop and the chances of getting it onto my clothes or accidentally slipping onto it was unpleasant. I would complain and be so grumpy, yes, like a grumpy old woman, and it made the rest of my day so miserable.
This morning it rained. I knew I would work. I knew I would put up with the mud and the light showers. I knew there would be mud on my shiny shoes and long pants. I wanted to complain. I wanted to find a reason to stay at home, only to avoid the unpleasant mud. I thought of all the working-class people that lived within the city.  Good on them, they at least get to walk on those fancy concreted footpaths and show up at work looking smart. I live at the country-side, I will have to walk on that muddy track to the bus stop and show up at work looking like a pig! I sit and star blankly out my window.
Then I ask myself the most profound question, “do I care?” No. No! and No!
So what if I turned up at work looking like a pig? Will that stop me from going to work? Will that stop me from chasing my dreams? Will that stop me from having a good day? Absolutely not! I am getting dressed and showing up looking equally smart as the person walking on a fancy footpath.
So here is the take: The weather does not stay the same all the time. It rains sometimes, its windy sometimes, and its hot sometimes. Regardless of this, you should not lose focus. Stay focused, be positive and embrace it fiercely. Adjust your schedules, your thoughts and mood to suit its change. That’s the only way to grow.

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