Violence talks about

Bruises on her body

Her cut, blood stained lips

Scars healed, now visible

Her multiple miscarriages

Suicidal experiences

Broken bones and stitched muscles

Thousand tears, sleepless nights


Violence does good to no one

You’re left feeling rejected

Your mind haunted as the event plays over and over

Bringing to a place of darkness and doom

Your fears grow, sorrows deepen

You yearn to exit from this world

Caring less for those around you

The pain in your heart lasting forever


Violence is the voice of the arrogant

They who dwell in their ego

Whose tongue birth abuses, curses, hate

They act in selfishness and greed

They thrive among thieves, crooks and the irresponsible

Those I despise


Violence arms the innocent

The unborn child that lie in its mother womb

The toddler dragging her mother’s garment

The teenager locked up in his room

The grandmother trying to bring peace


Hurrah to the women who escaped violence for good

Be free at last, don’t go back

Congratulations to the women who chose not to dwell on violence

Move forward, keep your head up, don’t look back

You need courage to fight violence

Emotional and mental strength is a bonus

Reach for the stars


Violence can’t solve your problems

It makes them worse

It creates more problems

Violence is, the worst thing a person can ever experience


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