~Slow Down~

Yay!! Thank you Spillwords


Take a deep breath
Calm down
Recollect your thoughts
Rest your muscles
Regain your energy
Motivate yourself
Slow down

No need to juggle it all
It doesn’t matter if you’re trailing behind
Not every problem can be solved in one day
Not everyone can be saved in a day
Slow down

A wound takes time to heal
A broken heart takes time to mend
A seed takes time to grow
All your chores don’t have to be completed today
Let them wait if they have to
Slow down

You don’t have to please them all
You don’t have to be like them all
Work with your pace
Save your sanity
Save your health
Save your energy
Slow down

There is more to life then work, work, work
There is more to life then worry, worry, worry
Slow down

Have fun while you can
Laugh and be merry
Take your time
You are alone in this race
You have no one to beat
Slow down

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