I am a woman, I am not perfect

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I am a woman

I have my weakness

I have my shortfalls

I admit I am not perfect


I am a woman

Craving to be understood

For my feelings to be considered

My fears comforted

To be loved unconditionally


I am a woman

Who’s become like a man

The bread winner for my family

Decision maker

Calling out the faults to make them right


I will not continue to neglect myself

Bearing the pain and shedding tears

Withstanding the stigma

Criticism of my imperfectness

My past retold over and over


I am woman

A human being like many

Deserving freedom

Peace of mind

And to thrive in unconditional love

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2 thoughts on “I am a woman, I am not perfect

  1. This reminds me of the song “I am woman” (by Helen Reddy, perhaps?) Your poem makes me want to pump my fists in the air and cheer.


    1. Thanks Jade, since you mentioned it, I had to listen to the song 🙂

      I would rather put my own tone into Helen Reddy’s version.

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