A workers life


I sigh deep as I look ahead

The line of lights before me twinkle

Now my head grow faint

And I huddle myself in my seat


The sky dim

As my eyes continue to watch

And look down my watch

While we glide through


The busy streets quieten

As my mind drift far now

Towards home

Towards comfort


Now the scent of food floods the air

And my stomach grumbles impatiently

I look at the time

It is past dinner time


My brain refuses to respond

As my entire body begins to weaken

Giving out the loudest yarn ever

I realize I am extremely exhausted


I am at home at last

I enter the door with great excitement

But I am welcomed by just my pet cat

My entire family are fast asleep


A feeling of hurt takes hold of my heart

I try to count the things I missed out on

And become more and more depressed

When tomorrow comes, it will all be the same

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