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I know one when i hear then talk – Carol Evari


Liar, liar

I wonder how you sleep at night

Do you toss and turn all night long?

Does your mind trouble processing lies?

Does your heart beat triple almost to explode?

I wonder how you walk in the sunlight

Are you afraid of being caught?

Being killed or even jailed?

How do you cope with all your lies?

The fake and make believe stories

Those many lives your lies have destroyed

The men, the women and the children

All the victims of your sweet little lies


I know as I speak

You must be celebrating

Making a toast to all your lies

Laughing with pride, shoulders back and high

Sipping wine and eating like a king

You must be rich making fortunes from your lies

Without shame an abnormal human being

Ignorant, shameless and so full of ego

Lacking emotion, the good and justifiable

I hope you rot in filth

And burn to ashes because of your lies

The liar you are will soon come to an end

Liar, liar

Your days are numbered

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