Who said life was fair?

That you got what you wanted

And lived happily ever after

Who said life was a fairy tale?

That all you needed where fairy-god mothers

They could magically cast a spell

And change your life forever

To bring along prince charming

That could rescue you from all misery

Who said life was an adventure?

That at the end of ever journey

You live to share the experience

Of what you encountered

Like a wild beast

Who said life was easy?

That every morning when you wake up

Breakfast is right beside you

That you don’t have to work, search or speak

Who said life was fun?

That you would spend your days laughing

Watch movies while having pizza all day long

But tell you what

Life is being happy in one season

Being heart-broken in another

Having lost hopes and dreams

Knowing you’re safe or when there is trouble

Meeting people that impact your life

And weeping because you lost one

Feeling fine at times and down otherwise


A house full of many, many surprises

Where you need to take a day at a time


A gift from God

And how you use it

Your gift back to Him

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