Like me or not, I will be me

via Daily Prompt: Qualm


No matter how hard I tried to be a perfect wife; a perfect mother; a perfect daughter; a perfect sibling or; a perfect individual; I keep coming back to where I started the journey. The very place I stood when everybody had something negative to say about me. Where everybody wanted me to live according to their standards or what was perceived as the right way one should conduct themselves. Where I had doubts and second thoughts about my life and the future I was headed to. Where I felt I did not belong to any particular group group because I was not accepted. Where I faced qualm who became my worst enemy.

But guess what?

The more I focused on the needs and wants of the people around me and tried to be a superhero in their world, my value was decreasing. I became a robot instead of a human being. I was being pushed here and there and without realizing, I was dying emotionally and mentally. That was why I kept coming back to the starting point over and over again.

I am me. My flaws and faults, strength and weaknesses, shortcomings and misgivings, failures or success, inadequacy or incapability,  skin color or hair color and name it all if you want. They make me unique. They make me, me, and I accept them all. Like me or not, I will be me, for I am comfortable and free when I am me.

2 thoughts on “Like me or not, I will be me

  1. Very true, when you try changing for some one, you will notice that eventually you will not like the person you are becoming.


    1. Because it is better to be true to yourself instead of living a life full of lies.

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