Together forever


I hope all is well with you my dear love

That your nights are warm

Full of laughter

Full of joy

That as I look to find you

I may discover empty rooms of

Sorrow, grieve and loneliness

That my nightmares of your unhappiness

Were my own fantasies


Assure me dear love

That the pounding sound of your heart beat I hear

Is a reminder to me that

Your love is mine to keep

Each day in the smile of your embrace

Each night under your arms of protection

Telling me sincerely

That I have nothing to lose


Worry me not dear love

As the absence of your tender voice

Installs a lump in my throat

So speak to me always

Even if you are near

Even if you are far

So the echo of your speech can be my music of your love


I assure you dear love

That my love will always be yours

For everyday it is you in my thoughts

It is you in my heart

The strength I feel

The joy I feel

All for you

That our love may grow strong

And grow deep

Together forever

Categories Poetry

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