We sit and stare at each other

Seconds go by, minutes go by

My heart burden as I watch her with nervousness

Her brown eyes stare directly at me

With grief deep down inside

She was waiting for me to say a word

I was waiting for her to hutter a sound before I could begin

But those saddened eyes stare right back at me

I try to stretch a nice big smile

I try to blink out a little hope of enthusiasm

And look away for distraction to gain courage

But my efforts were wasted

Those innocent eyes were stationery arrows pointing directly at me for answers

Answers I could not give easily

I gather my thoughts and formulate my words

I try to open my mouth and let it all out

I try to sound cool and calm

But the thought of how she would react strike me hard

Her eyes begin to fill up with tears

As I begin to realize I was going to lose her

With pain rushing up my spine I mumble

“I love you”

A very familiar phrase

A phrase that meant nothing to her

A phrase that no longer provoke her affection

She wipes off the tears from her eyes

As her sad face transform with hate


I shallow hard and recollect my thoughts for a better option

But before I could reach out to her

Before I could get hold of her

And Before I could figure out what to do

She stands up and begins to run

Heading toward the bridge

Heading toward her fate

The first place we met

The only place to find her when depressed

I run knowing what was to happen

I run as fast as I could as I begin to feel fear grip my strength

If I could reach her in time

Then I would promise to her it won’t happen again

And this promise I would never break

That I would be fair

That I would be true

That I would stand by her no matter what

For I know realize I was not prepared to let her go

My panting grow louder

As my vision of her ahead begin to fade

Panic run up my throat

As I feel a lump grow big

I had to reach her

I had to be quick

But as I reach the bridge

I drop down with arms on my head

And scream with agony

As before me there she hung

Without a smile

Without a word

But gone with wind

Never to be heard

Never to be held

And never to be by my side again

Categories Poetry, Stories

8 thoughts on “Gone

  1. Aw such a sad one. But such is love at times eh? Great writing. Your poem/prose story was very engaging 🙂


    1. Thanks.
      Life is filled with so many unexpected things. We can’t change them but can only learn to accept them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, you are right!


  2. An evocative story told in a prose/poem format that really works for it! Great writing 🙂


    1. Thank you Jade.
      I once lost a friend so close to my heart. That experience inspired me to write this piece.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m sorry to hear that…I hope the writing has helped with the healing 🙂


      2. writing is the best healing therapists. One reason why I continue to write is because its helps me heal

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I completely understand and agree ❤


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