What is?

What is that we are striving for?

What is……?

One can continue to ponder

And yet miss the richness of God’s plan for their life

That every time we wake up

We keep fighting to achieve something

And what is it that we are trying to achieve?

Rushing to and from between our steps

Watching time as it flies fast

Checking and double checking

What is it that we accomplish?

Being caught up with education and career

Is it a piece of paper work, money?

What about the true essence of life?


Teenage- hood



Laughter with friends and family

Others around us broken

Our relationship with God

And the art of knowing our true purpose of been created

That women were designed to give love to their husband and kids

That men were made to be pillars of their family

And to sustain love

The substance within us

The very nature and value we die with


What is life if we cannot fulfil

God’s will for our life

But exhaust ourselves to grant our desires?

Not evaluating ourselves in a moment

Our weaknesses, strengths

The beauty of companionship

The joy of friendship

The significance of being emotional

And the many treasures life offers

All hidden in the depths of nature

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