In the battlefield


In a battlefield

Surrounded by enemies

Soldiers guard on both sides


In exchange of their anger

They fire bullets and bombs

Releasing flames into the air


Swords and shield

Come clashing at the center

Arrows of bitterness fly high above


Blood spill and thousands injured

As warriors come running

Yelling and shouting


Commanders give orders

As their soldiers march on

I sit and watch with eyes wide open


Brave men drop dead

While champions fight on

In a red pool of victory


Bones crack

Limbs ripped apart

One by one


The cry of warrior’s rise

And vanish into the air

Into a world of lost souls


Those who fought before

For their country, tribe and home

Awake in delight


My head bowed low

Tears trickle down

As the thought of loss hit


Wives await their husbands

Children watch the smoggy distance

For their fathers to appear


Mothers yearn for the laughter of their sons

And pray for their heroines

Far, far away


All pillars swept away

Yet still in the battlefield

Rifles rise up in celebration


Swords clatter

And champions chant songs of victory

As they stand


All for the power and glory

The very seed of hate

Buried in the battlefield

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