A mother’s word to her child


Come lie in my hands dear child

Let me rock you in the palm of my hands

Let me embrace you with the warmth of my chest

I will comfort you from all storms

I will protect you from all danger


In the coldest peak of the silent night

I will cover you and keep you in my care

I will sing to you your lullaby

That it may ease all your pain

All your tiredness

And keep you asleep, quiet and calm


Your little eyes, daddy’s smile

Your little fingers, daddy’s strength

Your soft fragile toes, daddy’s warmth

And your cry, arrows piercing my heart


I will admire all my moments with you

At the bath tub with your rubber ducky

In the dining room with your hungry tummy

Beside the laundry with your dirty nappy

And with you throughout


I will dance and clap watching you grow

Watching you learn

Watching you prosper

My baby

My world

My precious gift

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