Boom, boom, boom

Is the sound of my heart – beat

And I cannot stop it


You are so beautiful!


I saw you

I see you

I am looking right at you


You look so amazing!


Makes me want to run to a hide out

Pop my head out

And stare, stare and stare


You are so handsome!


My is heart pounding

Tick, tock, tick

A grandfather’s clock inside my chest

As you fade into the distance


You are so incredible!


I turn and hold my heart with sigh

Gaze into the open air

And dream, dream and dream


You are so gorgeous!


Oh what joy I feel as my heart continues

Boom, boom, boom

Tick ,tick, tick


You must be an angel


A minute of your sight

Paints a lifetime picture of you

On my mind

In my thoughts

And in my dream


Boom, boom, boom


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