A cry not heard

Deeper and deeper the hole in her heart was pierced

With sadness, pain and hopelessness

Nor did she laugh or smile

Tears rolled down her face day and night


She would speak but could not be heard

Reach out but no one touched her

Walk but could not be noticed

A volcano had been preparing to erupt within her

And no one knew for she kept it a secret


Little could anyone do

What she had been going through was too much to bear

The laughter of her children brought joy to her

And the word “MUM” made her feel special

But something she desired more was love and respect


If only she could hear it from her long-time “boyfriend” and now “husband” saying the words “I love you”

This could not only make her happy but heal her wounds forever

For now, all that she knows is there is nothing she can do but live with suffering forever

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