Words of life

The day I realized I could not conceive was the day I dropped on my knees and cried to God to give a child.

For days and days

I waited and longed

With pain and regret

The cry in my heart grew louder and louder

Each time I thought of how my life should have been

A tear or cheer was nothing but sadness


Suddenly and mysteriously

When my whole world seemed bare

The person I least thought of came to my rescue

It was not portion or spell that changed my whole life

They were words of life that brought forth a life

Words that healed my wound

And united a new life in my womb


How miraculous

How marvelous

To have a child of my own

To hold in my arms and feel its warmth and tenderness

To listen to its cry and laughter

And to experience the joy of being a mum


Now I am complete

Now I am free

My master’s words have restored the shattered pieces of my heart

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