My Secret



I smile even when I’m hurt

I laugh even when I cry

I joke even when my heart’s broken

I wake up even when I feel I should not

I walk even when I should hide

I dance even when I should fall

I sing even when I should scream

I fight even when I feel powerless

I dream even when I’m empty

I love even when I should hate

I hope even when I should sleep

I work even when I don’t have much strength left

My eyes watch them with delight

My heart beats to their voices

My body responds to their happiness

My emotions grow and deepen

Just for their pride

Just so they can excel

They are my sacrifice

They are my story

They are the reason I smile

The reason I dream

The reason I fight

And the reason I look forward for tomorrow

Categories Poetry

2 thoughts on “My Secret

  1. This is so beautiful.


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