Faith keeps me going


I may not have a diamond ring on my finger

A golden earing hanging down my ears

Or a necklace made of silver around my neck

But I have faith

It is that silent and come voice within me that is so fierce

It allows me to keep my head up when I’m feeling lost and lonely

It gives me courage to keep standing when all I can think of is to break down and cry

It continues to push me to keep striving

To keep fighting

To keep preserving

To not lose focus on my dreams and goals

And keep believing

I reach a point in my life when I am troubled and misery

When all I see is negativity pointing at me

When all I can feel is failure burdening me

The load upon me is so heavy to carry

The pain within me is so strong bear

I turn to question my existence

And all these suffering that I endure

Is it really worth the fight??

All I accomplish after all is more and more pain

More and more struggles

I am becoming fatigue

My mind is overpowered by fear

Will I ever succeed??

I stand in the midst of the chaos all laid in front of me

Responsibilities, priorities, opportunities, relationships, health and wealth

I become more and more confused

Will I ever thrive amidst these circumstances?

Faith lights up in me like a sudden spark

It is a ray of fresh sunlight through a thin hole while I lay hopelessly in darkness

It is a sign of hope

A rejuvenating energy

A voice of great assurance

Saying all will be well

The storm will come to pass

Every shut door will open up

Every tear will be dried

All the pain will eventually disappear

The struggles are temporary

Keep believing in yourself

It is faith that puts my mind at peace

And gives peace to my ever worrying heart

It is faith that gives me a feeling of satisfactory and puts a smile on my face despite the odds

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