I am success

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I am the little pulse in your veins

The fresh breath through your nostril

The movement in your muscles

The beautiful sight in your eyes

The music through your ears

And the sound in your voice


I have slumbered within you for decades

Each time you failed, stumbled, moaned

And searched for answers

I lay silent and peacefully

Waiting anxiously to emerge


I feed on your fears and doubts

I enjoy watching you defend yourself

Each time you complained and made dozens of excuses

I was the still yet eager voice within you

The light at the end of the tunnel

The sunshine through the thick black clouds

And the raindrop in the drought


I have been patient

While you slept in your comfort zone

While you battled your negative emotions and thoughts

Those that attacked you every sunrise and nightfall

I am that moment of triumph, realization and confession

The broad smile on a sad face

And the feeling of great satisfaction and peace


I sit in front of you

Walk beside you

Laugh at all your jokes

Cry with you

And help you get back onto your feet

I am not so difficult to discover

I have always been with you

From the moment your life began


Take that risk you have been afraid of

Stop indulging in the ‘buts’ and ‘ifs’

Stop making excuses!

I hate excuses!

I am your dream

You deserve me

I am the life you have always dreamed about

A decent home, a brand new car

A happy family, career, business and freedom

I am your greatest fan and I know I am yours

I dare you now to let me arise

I am your true friend

I am success

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