One day you will understand

Dear child

You do not understand the things that I do

Why I leave you behind so early in the morning

And get back to you very late at night

I don’t hate you, believe me

It’s not because I don’t love you

This world is full of so many hardships

To survive, we need to sacrifice our love for each other

That’s why I have to leave you behind each day

To be at work

That’s our only way of surviving right now

I think about you every moment when I am at work

Even though I feel the pain of leaving you behind

Of not spending enough time with you

Ignoring you when your hands are reaching out to me as I walk out the door

I have no choice

Most times I walk out with tears rolling down my face

My gut tells me I need to be strong

And I need to focus on the bigger picture

All of this crazy life is for a worthy cause

One day when you’re all grown up

You will be able to put all your puzzle pieces together

And I hope you will appreciate all I had to do

Because I loved so much and wanted nothing but the best for you


Each time I yelled at you and smacked you hard

I was only correcting you out of love

You needed guidance from me as a parent

That was also my only way of protecting you

All I ever want is for you to be happy

To grow up to be intelligent, brave and successful

To prove that I made the right decisions from the very beginning

So at night i can sleep with a happy heart

One day you will have your own family

That is when you will understand

The sacrifice of a parent

And the decisions we have to make


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