I have the power to control my mind

I can never accept the way people treat me or see me

But I can create a space within me to accommodate forgiveness

I may not have the power to change what is happening or has happened to me

But I have the power to control the thoughts that enter my mind and the emotions they generate

Every experience has a story

Every story has a reason

One day I will use that reason to succeed

Because that reason became my motivation, determination, perseverance and stepping stone


I choose wisely who my true friends are

I can have many friends but these people are special

They carry something in them that attracts me so much

It could be inspiration, insight, creativity and knowledge

It could be that we have something in common or think alike

Just being around them contributes a lot to the force, drive and energy within me to achieve my goals

To achieve greatness


Obstacles come my way to challenge me and help me identify new opportunities and strategies

Obstacles take many forms

One day it was my husband

The other it was my child

Then they were my family and relatives

And they keep taking different forms everyday

I become my own obstacle once I allow my negative thoughts and emotions to make decisions

That is why it is important to filter every bad feeling and idea entering your mind instantly

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