An act of kindness goes a long way

This post is dedicated to all who have contributed to made this donation possible and special thanks to Elly, Kaia and Lavui who took their time out to present the donation.

Kaia, Lavui and I braved the hot Port Moresby sun today to visit Haus Ruth ( to deliver a generous donation. At Haus Ruth, we were met by four brave women led by Monica Richards who work at the safe house and who fearlessly support women who are escaping violence and abuse. The staff of Haus Ruth were humbled by the generosity and told us that the donation was timely as they had been praying for such a contribution. We were told that they were in the process of arranging the repatriation of 6 women and their 8 children who had been subjected to violence and abuse and who could not return to their father’s in fear of their lives. Haus Ruth had requested airplane tickets for these desperate families but required a further K2,000 to secure the airfares. Monica said that they had started today with a prayer seeking divine intervention and so were very thankful and blessed for the donation of K2,477.00 + clothes that would go towards repatriating these women and their children as well as other needs of the Safe Haus. Monica conveyed her deepest appreciation and said that she would also write formally to say thank you.

Haus Ruth has 20 rooms that provide emergency accommodation for survivors of Family and Sexual Violence (FSV), all of which are currently occupied. Women come from all over Port Moresby, Central, Gulf and occasionally the Highlands seeking protection, medical attention and legal support.  These women often flee from their violent partners and so come with very little of their own. As such, Haus Ruth is always grateful for any donations in cash or kind that could be used towards providing survivors with clothes, food, toiletries and so on.

This story was written by Lavui and has been modified by the author of this blog.


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