I am that woman



a beautiful Papua New Guinean woman dressed in her traditional atire

I am that woman

Your mother, your sister

Your wife, your daughter

Your friend, your colleague

Neighbor and classmate


I am that woman

Inferior in society

Uneducated and mistreated

Labelled and criticized

Disowned and invisible


I am that woman

Viewed as a sex object

To savage your lust at dusk

A token of satisfaction

For cash


I am that woman

Rejected by man

Impregnated by boys

Lonely and downhearted

And lacking self-esteem


I am that woman

Trapped in culture

A prisoner by fear

Always silent

And never acknowledged


I am that woman

We met for the first time

Captured your attention

Envied all day long

In your thoughts all night


I am that woman

You flirt with on social media

Ignore my calls

Delete my messages

And despise my presence


I am that woman

I have had enough of abuse

Verbal abuse

Physical abuse



I am that woman

The modern woman

Educated, talented

Intelligent, skilled

And visionary


I am that woman

A warrior

I have fought many battles

Overcome every negativity

And stronger than yesterday


I am that woman

Who believes in destiny

Hard work, determination

Perseverance, enthusiasm

And a bright future ahead

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